Menzerna: Economically. Reliably. Brilliant.

Menzerna preserves value, cares and protects:economical and reliable.
Developed precisely according to the requirements of industry and trades. Systematically.
The perfect solution for every coating. Menzerna enables quick premium results: For a lasting gloss.
Menzerna – Perfection in polishing.

Menzerna offers:

  • Process orientation according to industrial standards
  • Powerful, variable and reliable polishing system with state-of-the-art technology
  • One-step products for economical processes
  • Guides the user through the polishing process
  • Economical use of materials
  • Long-lasting protection against environmental influences
  • Surface quality according to the defined objective
  • Preserves the value of the automotive clear coat
  • Genuine polishing results without silicones and fillers

Menzerna supports:

  • Removing scratches, runs, overspray, streaks, clouding and holograms
  • Adaption of blending
  • Production of various gloss levels up to a show car finish
  • Refreshing surfaces

Menzerna inspires:

  • Vehicle detailers
  • Body and Paint shops
  • Motor vehicle workshops
  • Automobile manufacturers
  • Car lovers and old-timer fanciers