Polishing Program

Menzerna: Economically. Reliably. Brilliant.

Economical, reliable and flexible in application. Brilliant.

The Menzerna polishing programme is designed as a flexible 4-step polishing system.

Confidence in success

A standard product is assigned to each of the four polishing levels – Heavy Cut, Medium Cut, Finish and
Protection. Together these products form the Menzerna standard process, which is considered as recommendation. Numerous application cases are securely covered in practice with this process.

Quality through flexibility

Alternative and special products are available for each polishing level – to meet the needs of special application cases, or for even greater performance. All Menzerna products are matched to each other so that the interplay works 100 % at all times even when standard products are exchanged.

The latest polishing technologies for working efficiently

Many years of experience and close cooperation with the automobile industry and leading coating manufacturers ensure economic efficiency and fast processes. This is where the specialty products, identified by the silver label, truly come into their own. Multiple polishing steps are covered by the latest polishing technologies.

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