Automotive industry

Automobile manufacturers and tier one suppliers rely on Menzerna when it comes to polishing of automotive paints and trim parts of car interior.

OEM applications

Small imperfections and overspray that show wear and tear need to be eliminated. The goal is to do this quickly without any visible residues. The specific conditions of the assembly line need to be considered here. Cycle times must be met or optimized, and the cleanliness of the workplace must be guaranteed.Menzerna provides a system of polishes, polishing pads and abrasives for the special needs of the automotive industry.

Coated interior parts

The polyurethane coatings of car interior parts are temperature-sensitive shortly after coating and must not be overheated during polishing. Menzerna polishing emulsions produce impeccable mirror finish at short cycle times while controlling the surface temperature.

Metallic trim parts

Menzerna polished aluminum trim parts get a deep stainless-steel-like shine. After treatment with Menzerna compounds your workpieces can be degreased at low temperatures in an environmentally friendly way before being anodized.

Body shops

Body shop professionals and detailers need swiftly working and cost effective polishes to eliminate sanding marks, overspray and signs of wear and tear. The Menzerna line of polishes is a product of our long standing experience with polishing processes in the automobile industry. In conjunction with Menzerna polishing tools, they form a consistent system for paint defect repair that provides what demanding professionals ask for: Quality, process stability and speed.