Company Information

Menzerna’s Mission

We improve the quality and efficiency of polishing processes, and are preferred development partner to our customers. In this way we support our clients in gaining sustainable competitive advantages.

Core competencies

  • Menzerna has many decades of accumulated know-how in formulation and production technology for polishing compounds, covering all areas of mechanical polishing.Extensive knowledge of raw material markets and development partnerships with lead customers and manufacturers of high performance materials secure our position as industry leader.We are serving our customers through a widespread network of distributors and subsidiaries in all relevant markets.

Markets and Applications

  • Menzerna operates in five market segments:
    • Automotive
      Examples: automobile OEMs, decorative car parts, automobile aftermarket (body & paint, refinishing, car repair)
    • Wood working
      Examples: pianos, string instruments, cabinetry, gift boxes, diverse pieces of funiture
    • Industry
      Examples: sanitary fittings, cutlery, cooking ware, lighting equipment
    • Artisanry
      Small and medium sized consumers of solid compounds, mainly in the metal working industry
    • Jewelry
      Examples: watchcases, bracelets, pieces of jewelry

    In each segment, Menzerna offers years of experience and application specific products that are brought to our customers through a widespread system of sales channels worldwide.

Menzerna inspires:

  • Vehicle detailers
  • Body and Paint shops
  • Motor vehicle workshops
  • Automobile manufacturers
  • Car lovers and old-timer fanciers

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